Thermal Etiquette

Treatment Access

All programs from Thermalism require prior hydrology consultation, held by the medical team of TERMAS DE LUSO, so that the prescription can be the most appropriated and throughout the whole treatment process the user is properly monitored. These programs are subject to admission fee, which can be 7, 14 or 21 days and includes access to water ingestion in the thermal water fountain during this period.

Preventive Information

For greater benefits of thermal treatment, we recommend:

  • Rest in the hotel and enjoy a warm bath after the thermal treatments;
  • Having a balanced diet;
  • Avoid cold environments and temperature variations;
  • Report any change in your health condition to the Doctor in charge of the thermal treatment.
What to Wear

The use of Bathrobe is mandatory at TERMAS DE LUSO. At the reception you have at your disposal bathrobe as well as towels and slippers. TERMAS DE LUSO has a constant ecological concern, appealing to the responsible use of towels and bathrobes.
Swimming suit is required at swimming pool, turkish bath and Hammam.
Swim cap is also required at swimming pool.


In order to keep tranquility at Thermal Complex we ask that you to switch off your mobile phone. To preserve a peaceful and relaxing environment, please talk using a low tone of voice.


your privacy will be always respected.
Your therapist will leave the treatment room in order you install with all privacy and comfort.

Age Policy

There is no minimum age. However, all children will have to make a prior medical appointment, as well as being accompanied by an adult during their stay in the thermal complex.

Talk with us

We know how unique and personal a Thermal experience is. Therefore, we prepare our team to provide the best possible treatment for you. However, you may talk with your therapist about massage pressure, an extra towel, temperature, music or light in order to increase your comfort. .
We ask you to give us your opinion and invite you to leave your impressions after treatment.


The cancellation of the admission fee and/or thermal program is only possible by medical prescription and after evaluation appointment.


I came for the first time to MALO CLINIC TERMAS LUSO and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the treatments, the excellence of the facilities and professionalism of the team. Congratulations for the quality that offer.

Maria José Lopes - October 2010


I came back 10 years after my last stay. What I saw and felt reinvigorated me. The tradition of an excellence in service, combined with modern facilities and versatile programs. This time I had a short stay, but I promise I will be back soon. My physical and mental health needs this place!

Maria Baião - September 2013


I suffer from hypertension and for more than 10 years I have been coming to Termas de Luso. It is my intention to continue attending. I always felt better after the treatments. I feel fine in here.

Leonel Domingos - June 2014


I have 76 years old and my first kidney stones were diagnosed when I was 28. I’m lucky because I never needed a surgery, since the stones have been naturally eliminated. I come to the Termas de Luso for several years now and I believe that the therapeutic proprieties of these waters were almost certainly a great help.

Vítor Caro - July 2014

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