TERMAS DE LUSO concludes a partnership with IDEALMED, the largest private hospital in the Centro Region - a region in central Portugal, combining therefore the benefits of Thermalism with the medical valences provided by this hospital of excellence. This combination and complementariness increases the offer of integrated services and allows to create differentiating offerings, which supports the promotion of the health tourism in this region.


TERMAS DE LUSO has protocols and agreements with several companies, offering special advantages in all services. About special conditions you can benefit, please contact your company.

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Luso Thermal Break
Thermal Programs
Nutrition Appointment
Medical Center
Luso Spa Break
3,4 ou 5 Days
Shiatsu Massage
Physical and Energetic balance
Ayurvedic Program
For a deep relaxation!
Therapetic Thermalism
6, 12 and 18 Days Programs!
Aromas of the Forest
Half Day Spa
Acqua Sensations
Thermal Spa
Wine Emotions
Body and Face Beauty

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