In 1893 the building of Physiotherapy was built and a year later, was built the pool with Thermal Water as a complement to the Luso Spa, for treatments of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. This pool was a design of the cabinet of the Gustave Eiffel in 1894.

This space has a multidisciplinary team and highly experienced medical support, with a particular focus on physical rehabilitation and prevention programs.

Therapeutic indications of the Termas de Luso:

- Renal lithiasis
- Renal insufficiency
- Arterial hypertension
- Respiratory Diseases (bronchitis, sinusitis)
- Metabolic Diseases (hypercholesterolemia, diabetes, gout)
- Rheumatism and disorders of the musculoskeletal system
- Dermal pathology
 - Cranotherapy
- Baths and showers
- Electrotherapy
- Short waves, infrared, ultrasound, ionization and high pressure
- Thermotherapy
- Paraffin, paraffin and wet heat
- Ventilation - Aerosols and emanation
- Mechanotherapy - Gymnasium and mechanical reeducation
- Kinesiotherapy - Gymnastics
- Hydrokinesiotherapy - Gymnastics in a thermal pool

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