Thermalism and Nutrition

Our thermalism and nutrition programs combine the benefits of Luso Thermal Water, recognized for its diuretic and detoxifying effects, with a balanced and healthy diet plan, developed by the nutritionist Ágata Roquette according to the main purpose of each program. All programs have a supervision of a medical team managed by Dr. Pedro Cantista, President of Portuguese Society of Medical Hydrology and the International Society of Medical Hydrology.

Duration: 6 days

Weight Loss Program Thermalism and Nutrition

The weight loss program was specifically designed for all of those who want to change the eating habits with the purpose to control their weight and volume loss. Following the method of the nutritionist Ágata Roquette with evidenced results, this program presents a new concept of Healthy gourmet, proving that is possible without huge sacrifices to embrace a healthy, sophisticated and tasty diet.
A plan of physical exercises and spa treatments complete the offer, helping to achieve the desired result. The costumer also receives the necessary information to make possible continuing the plan even after the program is complete. .

from € 1088,00

Healthy Gourmet Weight Loss Program

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