Taking advantages of thermal water benefits and under the supervision of a specialized medical team, TERMAS DE LUSO offers a wide range of treatments for several therapeutic situations.

Water Ingestion Thermal Water Fountain

With a diuretic and detoxifying effect, the water ingestion is fundamental in thermal treatment. Depending on one’s age and on one’s cardiovascular and digestive system the amount of water that is absorbed varies according to medical prescription.Price list

Jet Shower High Pressure Shower

High pressure filiform shower creates a massage effect and muscle mass relaxation, stimulating the nervous and circulatory systems. With the possibility of general or regional use, it’s indicated for the relief of muscle tension, pain syndromes and kidney stones.Price list

Hydromassage Immertion bath with Thermal Water jets

Thermal water massage with a temperature between 36°C and 39°C produces an analgesic and vasodilation effect, stimulating the venous and lymphatic system and allowing muscle relaxation.Price list

Vichy Shower with Massage Thermal Rain

Superficial sedative and analgesic action by associating massage under abundant jets of Thermal Water, producing an excellent muscle relaxation and a deeper toning action.Price list


I came for the first time to MALO CLINIC TERMAS LUSO and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the treatments, the excellence of the facilities and professionalism of the team. Congratulations for the quality that offer.

Maria José Lopes - October 2010


I came back 10 years after my last stay. What I saw and felt reinvigorated me. The tradition of an excellence in service, combined with modern facilities and versatile programs. This time I had a short stay, but I promise I will be back soon. My physical and mental health needs this place!

Maria Baião - September 2013


I suffer from hypertension and for more than 10 years I have been coming to Termas de Luso. It is my intention to continue attending. I always felt better after the treatments. I feel fine in here.

Leonel Domingos - June 2014


I have 76 years old and my first kidney stones were diagnosed when I was 28. I’m lucky because I never needed a surgery, since the stones have been naturally eliminated. I come to the Termas de Luso for several years now and I believe that the therapeutic proprieties of these waters were almost certainly a great help.

Vítor Caro - July 2014


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