Termas de Luso Rituals

Exclusive treatments, designed for comfort, serenity and well-being of body and mind. For those who seek unique and unforgettable experiences. View Pricelist

Face Rituals

A youthful, bright and cared skin is the symbol of beauty and comfort. To face these challenges we have prepared specific rituals to each skin type. View Pricelist

Body Rituals

Just like the face, our body must be carefully hydrated and pampered. Through Body Rituals we can keep a youthful, tone, slender and hydrated body. View Pricelist

Massage Rituals

Each of our Massage Rituals uses specific techniques and massage oils to achieve a deep sense of relaxation, wellness and harmony. Choose the perfect massage and let yourself live through invigorating sensations. View Pricelist

Rituals with Water

The benefits of water, long exploited by Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, are the great instrument of Thermal Baths. Also for the Spa philosophy the water is an essential element, since Spa means Sanus per Aquam – Health through Water. View Pricelist

Rituals for Two

In a pure relaxation and wellness environment, we prepared unique moments for two. Choose a Bath Ritual or a Massage Ritual. . View Pricelist

Acqua Sensations

Area of excellence for Bathing and Heat experiences, explores the benefits of dynamic and thermal action of the water. Besides being the great instrument of Thermal Baths, the water is also an essential element for the Spa philosophy, since Spa means Sanus per Aquam – Health through water. View Pricelist

Massage Luso Sensations

Massage and Aromatherapy Sensorial experience stimulated by a spice body wrap and a massage with linen pindas. Promotes a deep relaxation and helps to balance the inner energy. Duration: 90 minutes

Detox Wrap and Massage

Body Slender Cleansing and toning treatment with slimming massage so that your silhouette may rediscover harmony. Duration: 120 minutes

Wine Emotions

Face and Body Beauty  Vinotherapy treatment that uses grape polyphenols, antioxidants, with moisturizing, relaxing, invigorating and rejuvenating effects. Duration: 120 minutes

Radiant Skin

Facial Anti-stress Moisturizing and anti-stress facial treatment that brings back elasticity and glimmer to your face, reducing all signs of fatigue. Duration: 75 minutes

Secrets of Youth

Anti-aging This treatment based on essential organic oils, with anti-radical, free and regenerating properties allows boosting the vital functions of the cells and improves the natural oxygenation of your skin. Your face will positively glow, achieving firmness and vitality. Duration: 50 minutes

Smooth and Comfort

Sensitive and Irritated Skins Based on natural and organic ingredients its use allows reaching to excellent and lasting results. Your face will regain its softness and serenity. Duration: 50 minutes

Deep Nourishment

Dry and Dehydrated Skins It employs natural extracts of plants such as Karité Butter. It smoothes, nourishes and protects your skin in depth. Your face will regain its flexibility, softness and extreme comfort. Duration: 70 minutes

For Him

Men’s Facial Treatment Facial ritual based on plants and precious oils which protect the face from external aggressions and reduce the signs of fatigue. Duration: 50 minutes

Express Facial

Special For Her Specific treatment for dehydrated and devitalized skins, with mask application, hydration and followed by a facial massage. Duration: 25 minutes

Express Facial

Special for Him Facial treatment for the male universe, consisting of exfoliation and skin hydration, followed by a facial massage. Duration: 25 minutes

Hydrating Balsam

Softener A body ritual for a total skin hydration. It starts off with a complete body exfoliation followed by an application of a rich and hydrate body mask. Finally, ultra-hydrate body milk it is applied. Your skin will be soft and with a touch of silk. Duration: 60 minutes

Lightness and Beauty

Draining A perfect combination of ingredients stimulates the drainage functions of the organism. During the treatment a reaffirming, toning and slimming mask is applied acting effectively against cellulite. The skin will become smoother, reinvigorated and hydrated. Duration: 60 minutes

Salt Ambience

Exfoliant An original blend of salts, soft almond oil, apricot and grape grains, these salts exfoliate your skin effectively, affording a pleasing sensation of freshness. This cocktail of essences will purify, stimulate and relieve stress. Your body will be softly exfoliated, from your shoulders to your feet, leaving your skin as new. Duration: 45 minutes


Draining and Detoxifying For localized fat, this treatment prepares the skin to receive all the benefits of essential oils with draining and detoxifying action. Duration: 90 minutes

Oriental Massage

Deep Relaxation This massage, involving traditional practices from Japan, allows the harmony between body, mind and soul to be restored. Pressure is applied with the fingers and palms of hands to specific points, promoting relaxation and general well-being. Duration: 60 minutes

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Draining A massage with smooth pressures all over the body with a direct effect in lymphatic and venous circulation, stimulating immunity defenses and helping to eliminate toxins. It’s an ideal massage for post-surgery, childbirth, stress, liquid retention, and circulation problems. Extremely effective on slimming and anti-cellulite programs attendance. Duration: 60 minutes

Sun Stones

Hot Stones The use of hot stones in the massage allows a combination of the benefits of heat and the stones on your body muscles. These stones combined with the essential oils sooth and relieve points of tension, creating a deep sensation of well-being. Duration: 75 minutes

Candle Massage

Aromatic A manual massage that uses hot oil scented candles of the Alps. Deeply relaxing, it leaves your skin smooth and soft, with a pleasant aroma of the Alps. Duration: 60 minutes

Sport Massage

Muscle Recovery Specifically designed for sports players, this massage acts directly on your shoulders, spreading down to your upper body and legs, relaxing and reinvigorating the muscles and thereby affording full recovery. Duration: 60 minutes

Pampered Mum

Pregnant Women and Recent Mothers This specialised massage uses advanced techniques and is aimed at pregnant women and recent mothers. During the treatment it is used neutral oil and nutritive creams which leave your skin soft with a wonderful tonicity, affording deep relaxation. The products used are harmless and safe for mother and child. Regarding after childbirth besides helping to ease muscular pain it also contributes to reach balance and a desired silhouette. Duration: 60 minutes

Total Energizing

Invigorating This treatment is aimed at professionals with long working hours. It is invigorating, balancing the day-to-day pace and awakening the senses. It is an active massage with the pressuring and mobilization of the members, to strengthen muscles. This toning up massage using essential oil, stimulates the blood flow, providing a good flow of energy for the whole day. Duration: 60 minutes

Total Relax

Harmony and Serenity A harmonious massage which calms your body, mind and soul, particularly developed to provide a general relaxation of all senses, transporting you to a state of perfect well-being after a working day. This treatment uses essential relaxing massage oil to achieve total harmony and serenity. Duration: 60 minutes


Firming Carefully designed, this massage uses strong and deep movements, stimulating and firming up your skin and thereby contributing to the elimination of fatty tissue. Duration: 60 minutes

Shiatsu Massage

Physical and Energetic Balance Massage originated from Japanese traditional therapy aims to restore the physical and energetic balance of the body, correcting organ dysfunction, releasing accumulated stress and improving posture, restoring the balance between body and mind, and providing a state of inner peace and harmony. Duration: 60 minutes

Light Legs Massage

For Tired Legs To activate circulation and reduce fluid retention, this massage leaves you with a feeling of lightness and freshness in your legs. Duration: 25 minutes

Have a Break Massage

Special Back and Shoulders An intense massage to alleviate joint pain accumulated after sports practice, a day of physical stress and fatigue, or even a sedentary day. Engages techniques of intensive handling that acts on the deeper layers of tissue to warm, manipulate and release the muscles. Perfect for those who want to receive special attention in back and shoulders. Duration: 25 minutes

Zen Massage

Anti-stress Complete your experience with an invigorating massage specially conceived to combat the accumulated stress in head, neck and shoulders. Your head and hair as well as your face and skin are extremely sensible to touch and have exceptional points that when proper handle can lead to tranquility and to profound relaxation. Duration: 25 minutes

Back Express

Located Fatigue A treatment specifically designed to combat fatigue in particular areas. A cocktail of essential oils is used with soothing effects that will help you to achieve a total relaxation. Duration: 25 minutes

Ayurvédic Massage

Ancestral TechniqueCreated in Vedas culture (ancient Indian ethnicity), is one of the oldest and most complete natural techniques to restore balance and physical energy, having the purpose of purification and maintenance of physical health. This treatment has several benefits, such as, rejuvenation, realignment of bone structures and muscles, strengthening the immune system, increasing flexibility, balance the chakras, and allowing a more harmonious and happy life. Duration: 60 minutes

Bussaco Ritual

Forest Fragrances Soaking the feet in a warm bath with aromas of Bussaco Mountain prepare you for the comfort of a localized massage, relieving stress and providing well-being and relaxation. Duration: 25 minutes

Luso Relax Massage

Well-being Full massage to relieve tensions and stress that uses specific techniques. It provides a balance between body and mind leading to harmony and total wellbeing. Duration: 40 minutes

Hands Ritual

Special HandsWith a honey and brown sugar exfoliation, the skin becomes smooth and soft to get a massage, providing wellness and relaxation. Duration: 20 minutes

Feet Ritual

Special Feet Let yourself relax and release accumulated tension by stress with a rhythmic and relaxing foot massage. Duration: 20 minutes


Dynamic Action of Water Therapeutic use of the dynamic and thermal action of water, under pressure or in motion. Both the temperature and the dynamic energy of water produce certain effects on the skin, tissues and joints that can be concise in an increase of superficial blood circulation, better oxygenation of the skin, muscle relaxation and reduction of subcutaneous adipose tissue. Duration: 15 minutes

High Pressure Shower

Jet Shower High pressure filiform showers with tonics effects that stimulate the nervous and circulatory systems, producing a profound sense of relaxation and a massage effect. Duration: 7 minutes

Vichy Shower with Massage

Thermal Rain Superficial sedative and analgesic action by associating massage under abundant jets of Thermal Water, producing an excellent muscle relaxation and a deeper toning action. Duration: 15 / 30 minutes

Vichy Shower

Back Massage Shower that combines abundant jets of thermal water with hand massage on the back, producing a muscle relaxation effect. Duration: 15 minutes

Vichy Shower

Honey Rain A hot rain combined with a body scrub made of honey and brown sugar, leaves your skin smooth and soft, ideal for those seeking comfort, relaxation and beauty. Duration: 30 minutes

Extreme Nutrition Immersion

Body Exfoliation This bathing ritual starts off with a body exfoliation, taking special care of your feet through the application of a mask. The nutritional power of the ingredients penetrates your whole skin, renewing it while the water and steam simultaneously hydrate it. A nutritional face mask is applied after the immersion. Finally your body is nourished with an ultra-rich cream. Your skin will be soft, smooth and silky. Duration: 110 minutes

Relaxing Immersion

Aromatic An aromatic bath followed by a relaxing massage with rhythmic movements to restore your inner balance. Duration: 80 minutes

Total Relax

Harmony and Serenity A harmonious massage which calms your body, mind and soul, particularly developed to provide a general relaxation of all senses, transporting you to a state of perfect well-being after a working day. This treatment uses essential relaxing massage oil to achieve total harmony and serenity. Duration: 60 minutes

Sun Stones

Hot Stones The use of hot stones in the massage allows a combination of the benefits of heat and the stones on your body muscles. These stones combined with the essential oils sooth and relieve points of tension, creating a deep sensation of well-being. Duration: 75 minutes

Interactive Pool

With hydromassage beds, “swan” vent, waterfall jet and subaquatic massage jet, its therapeutic effects combines the benefits of hydromassage with the warm thermal water, allowing the relation and oxygenation of the muscles. The several types of jets acts under the body zones more subject to tension and muscles pains, producing a stimulating or sedative effect.

Ice Fountain

After heat experiences, the thermal contrast provided by the direct application of the ice on the body stimulates blood circulation and helps the skin strengthening.


Sweating and relaxation technique with benefits in skin hydration and clearing pores, increase of blood circulation, relieve of rheumatic and spine pains and combat stress.

Swiss Shower

System of 8 vertical jets with alternating temperatures. While your body is invigorated by this bath, you can choose to add to this experience the Shower Sensations that release aroma-therapeutic essences to promote greater relaxation.


The action of heat and humidity detoxifies the body, contributing to the reduction of fats and toxins and aiding in weight management. Activates blood circulation and causes a larger pore opening revitalizing the skin and increasing its resilience. Allows the relaxation of muscles, reduces stress and improves breathing.

Acqua Sensations Circuit

Access to the Acqua Sensations area with a period of 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes.
Facial and Body Beauty Vinotherapy treatment that uses grape polyphenols, antioxidants and able to combat free radicals, with moisturizing, relaxing, invigorating and rejuvenating effects

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